Enterprise Europe Network


Enterprise Europe Network


The Enterprise Europe Network, with representation in more than 60 countries, is the largest European network of information and advice centers for the support of small and medium-sized enterprises. We provide support for Innovation Management, EU funding oppourtanities, Expert advice and cross border partnership oppourtatities (Within EU and beyond).

All our services are free of cost

more information https://enterprise-europe-mv.de/

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Kedar Deshpande

Project Manager-International

Technologiepark Warnemünde GmbH
Friedrich-Barnewitz-Strasse 5
18119 Warnemünde
Tel.:         0381-5196 4999 / Fax: 0381-5196 114
eMail:      deshpande@tpw-rostock.de 


Praktikantenbörse M-V    



The Praktikantenbörse M-V is a database maintained highly qualified and experienced project office of Technologiepark Warnemünde (TPW).

Our aim is to keep young scientists and highly qualified young professionals in the state and at the same time to support companies in the development of new products.

Our offering & services are free of cost in interest of companies, students as well as job seekers.

The internship exchange primarily benefits students who have access to an up-to-date overview (approx. 500 theames) of internship topics mainly offered in M-V and beyond.

Companies have the possibility to solve their scientific-technical problems with the help of the resources and the technical knowledge of the universities and technical colleges in the state and to indicate their need for specialists over the trainees/diploma students.

 For details, please visit www.praktikum-mv.de
or Contact

Dr. Rainer Gehrke (Tel. 0381 5196 132)